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This solid building once served as the home of Windham Central Public School. Now It is home to 14 amazing condos, developed to combine the building’s vintage details with the architect/developer’s own understated style. This development is a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” thanks to the building’s historic character.

Inside Windham Place Condominiums you will discover a modern collection of premium materials paired with progressive space plans and mindfully crafted details that ensure a level of high standards synonymous with the local community. The 14 condominium suites are a culmination of an extensive selection of unique floor plans with exceptional living spaces in a setting which in what we feel is simply incredible.

Windham Place Condominiums is situated on 3.4 acres of land. The building and parking area itself is about 1.5 acres, which leave about 2 acres of open area for you to enjoy walking your pet or playing ball with your visiting friends or family.

A nestling of a common outdoor courtyard & vast grounds situated in a the most scenic areas of Windham Place can be enjoyed by all residents looking to Enjoy a gentle breeze the ultimate in relaxing while taking in the quiet landscape of Windham Centre

Most units are fitted with their own private patio open to the common grounds. They are just the right size for some lawn furniture.

Parking is conveniently located around the building with several easy to access points of entry to the building. With 38 parking spaces available including visitor parking and onyl 14 units total at the building, there will never be a shortage of parking.

Access to the main part of Windham Place is through a security entry complete with cameras and coded access panel.

Windham Centre is not very far from major urban centers. This is what we calculated and measured from our drives.
Toronto – 90 min; Hamilton – 45 min; London – 75 min, Brantford – 30min; Kitchener – 60 min; Niagara Falls – 75 min; Simcoe: 10min

Living in a peaceful and safe building in such beautiful surroundings it the best of both worlds, Never again needing to spend hours gardening and cutting grass plus the never-ending jobs of fixing things around the home. Amazing lifestyle.
Gloria & Herb
You have to get used to certain aspects of country living, such as driving 10 minutes to buy groceries. Honestly though you have to drive anywhere to do anything so why not live in the peaceful country.
June & Marco

New Urban style Condo Suites in a rural neighbourhood

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Windham Place Condominiums

992 Norfolk County Rd 9, Windham Centre, ON N0E 2A0, Canada

Welcome to a BRAND NEW & Convenient Country Lifestyle!

The country lifestyle is meant for everyone.
Coming to the country is all about preparation. Knowing what you’re getting into with a rural property, and being honest with yourself.
Is country living really for you? Of course it is! At Windham Place Condominiums you get the best of both worlds: Rural Environment with Modern Lifestyle & Amenities.

Key Things to ponder before committing to the rural lifestyle


    How long will it take you to get to work?  What will the costs be, in time and money?   Will you work part-time from home?  Will you take this opportunity to finally start your online business?  How much income will you need to live on your rural condo property full time?  Be honest with yourself.  There’s nothing that will crush your dream faster than realizing you don’t have enough money.  Unless you’re independently wealthy (yay!).


    There is high speed internet available from Silo Wireless. TV is delivered through satellite. Phone service is available and Mobile Phone service has great reception. Water is delivered through a large Well which is also equipped with purification and softening systems. Heating is natural gas which fuels individual forced air systems within each suite. Sewers are though a private a new modern high capacity septic system.
    As you can see, modern and convenient services in a rural community.


    Do you have a medical condition that requires regular care?  How far away is a trauma center should you need it?  How long would an ambulance take to get to your Suite?  Are local doctors taking new patients?
    You’ll be pleased to know that medical help is close by and in the Town of Simcoe which is a 10 minute drive.
    Ambulance service is available as well. Fire Hall is located in Teeterville and OPP Police have jurisdiction in the area with a dispatch office located in Simcoe.


    Are you a person who thrives with lots of people and activity around you?  Or do you enjoy the quiet and are comfortable being a bit isolated?
    Sure Windham Place is located is a quiet area and who doesn’t like peace and quiet? Within this community however you have the safety of neighbourghs close by. If you’re someone who likes a lot of noise and activity, you’ll likely find country life a little boring.  And quiet.  And maybe a little scary.  BUT the little Town of Simcoe has all the hustle and bustle one could need and it’s just a short drive down the road.


    The main road servicing Windham Place Condos is maintained by local government. Road clearing in winter or after storms is very quick.


    Social circles in many small communities can be hard to break into.  The best way to get through this?  Volunteer.  Once you’re settled, get out there and start donating a portion of your time and services to local social agencies, your children’s school, or a food security group.  There’s no better way to show you want to be part of a community than getting involved.


To learn more about our community and what it’s like to live here, we invite you explore the following useful websites:

|  Norfolk County  |  Norfolk Tourism  |  Norfolk Ecomonic Development  |  Things To Do in Norfolk  |  


Bulkheads and ceilings areas not shown. Dimensions, specifications, window sizes, floor plans (including flooring and/or patterns) and materials are approximate only, may vary, and are subject to change without notice. Furniture shown on plan is for illustrative purposes only. Furniture is not included with any units. Actual usable floor space may vary from the stated floor area. All images are artists concept or for illustrative purposes only. E&O.E